Gold Membership Benefits -
Kshs. 100,000/-

  • 15% discount on Ksh. 60,000 rate for AmCham Breakfast or Luncheon Sponsorship
  • 15% discount on Ksh. 25,000 rate for speaker slot at AmCham Breakfast or Luncheon
  • 15% discount on Ksh. 60,000 AmCham Sundowner Sponsorship
  • 5 free scheduled meetings annually with membership companies or requested companies locally or in the US
  • 3 free advertising emails annually
  • Participation in Overseas Security Advisory Council
  • Participation in AmCham Committees (ICT, Industrialization & Development Enterprise, Legal, Tax, Tourism, Healthcare, Infrastructure & Energy and Member Development)
  • Regular business updates on economy, finance, policy, legislation, and industry-based issues
  • Eligible for seating at Head Table for AmCham social events
  • Free company listing on AmCham website consisting of 2 line company description and logo
  • 15% discount on AmCham website advertising
  • 10 members to enter free at Sundowner

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